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The perfect Christmas gifts for Muslim friends

Giving someone a present at Christmas is like a notification would be sent to his heart, carrying a message, “I want you to stay with me for a New Year, and forever.”


A new year means a new plan, habits, and extra beloved details. You should share your favorite personas in drawing them. 

So, if you shop for a Muslim man (maybe your husband, brother, friend, or boss,) don’t miss choosing a religious gift. If you did, you could make sure that “Your gift is very special.”


Let me tell you something cool. Muslim men are proud to follow Prophet Muhammad in detail in a religion, life, and personal details. 


And the Prophet (ﷺ) said for them: He who has hair should honour it. 

So, you will notice how Muslims care about their hair and grow beards. 

I highly recommend choosing “Sunnah Box” as a unique present made with love for every modern Muslim man. 

Get Sunnah box from here. 

I will enumerate for you all the details you want to know about the Sunnah box before ordering it.

Sunnah box embodies the legacy of the Prophet ﷺ, it encompassing numerous essential Islamic grooming products. 

Check out the box and imagine what the reaction will your favorite Muslim one when you put it in his hands!


    Each box contains:

  1. MBCO Blend Beard Oil, made from a blend of high-quality argan and almond oil, subtly scented with cedarwood and lemongrass. It will keep facial hair healthy, tidy, and positively touchable. 

        MBCO’s beard oil is the perfect natural remedy to unruly beards.

2- Wooden Beard Comb:

A sophisticated wooden comb for facial grooming. 


3-   Folding Beard Comb

 Perfect for use on the go, this handy tool folds to fit snugly in his pocket. Help your loved one to keep the beard in shape wherever he is.



4- 20ml Black Seed Oil: it is cold-pressed right from the Nigella Sativa plant itself. 

Health benefits include antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory tendencies, and many, many more.

5- 5ml Non-Alcoholic Attar Perfume – Has a fresh, aromatic fragrance and subtle scent. 

“…the Prophet ﷺ never used to refuse a gift of scent,” so, your friend will appreciate this item of your unique gift.


6- X2 Miswaks/Siwaks – A staple in the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ personal hygiene routine! No toothpaste required – this traditional tool used for teeth cleaning has been dated back 7,000 years.

 Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said, “I have told you repeatedly to use the    Siwak.” With this item, make sure you will come to the mind of the recipient of the gift all day.


7- Premium Miswak Holder it keeps the Miswak fresh and hygienic, and it’s a pocket-sized holder, perfect for traveling with.

8- The Sunnah Box: The solid wooden Sunnah Box is a keepsake in itself; finely crafted and classic in style, it makes an elegant addition to any home. Not to mention an ongoing reminder to embrace the Sunnah and Hadith.


What you feel now, there are almost 5000 people who felt the same feelings before ordering the box. 

Yes, it’s the perfect gift that you search about. Order it now and get free shipping in the UK. 


This Muslim gift box has been the best seller over the past 4 years, and it arrives each day to a Muslim man in the UK, US, and other countries. 


You will be right if you do not believe that: 

Sunnah box has 5-star feedback from all the customers and people who have used it without any negative reviews! But proudly, it’s true. 


The Sunnah Box is a truly special gift, designed and developed by Muslim Box Co. on an ongoing basis over the years.

When you offer your favorite man’s gift, you should make him feel special in a way that he has never felt before! 

It would mean a great deal to him, so you can put in some effort to make the occasion and gift an exotic one.



So, we will share with you some ideas to offer your unique gift creatively: 

* In the car: Place his present on the dashboard of his car for him to be surprised with as he leaves the house. 

* Use scavenger hunt strategy: 

Place the gift in a super-secret spot and leave paper hints leading to its location along the way.

* Put it at the office: Have a co-worker slip a gift onto his desk or into the drawer that he stores supplies or his purse in.

Share your ways to offer the gifts and how will you offer “Sunnah box” to the Muslim man you came here for him!