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Aya Khattab

After 6 years of learning, developing, creating, and teaching CONTENT. I’m here to share my insights and experience with you. I started learning Content Marketing from Student activities (If you’re still a student, I advise you to join one of them.)

I graduated from Faculty of Archeology and got my Digital Marketing Diploma within my graduation year.

Blog Option 3

During the last 3 years, I trained more than 700 trainees and enjoyed sharing my experience and my passion for writing with them. Now I offer all my services like Creative writing or training, as a freelancer. 

I have been lucky to have the opportunity to do what I love.

Outside of business writing, I have a huge passion for literature writing and Storytelling. So feel free to take a look and explore the rest of my site.

I was a talented writer in university magazines of University as Update CU and Mubasher Radio, according to my leader’s feedback.

For 6 years I wrote copies for brands, agencies, and non-profits, Like imfnd, Wael Samir Pharmacies, Mazaq, Elysian, Royal Lab, and other 60 Brands in 20 industries.


Aya Khattab welcomes you to her site and encourages you to check her work. I’m happy to receive your questions or any details

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