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7 Tips for Successful First Date with the Client

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7 Tips for Successful First Date with the Client.


1- Be A Good Listener:

When you meet your partner for the first time, you listen more than you speak.
That’s exactly what every client needs. Listen to his dreams, objectives, and fears.

 2- Ask About History:

If this will be considered nosiness in relationships, but in the stage of taking the brief, it’s more important than knowing what’s next! All the upcoming steps depend on history.

 3- Be Kind and Gentle:

To steal the heart of anyone, you need to be kind, polite, and smart.

That’s what you will do on your date with the client. 

Believe in his dreams, respect his points of view and smartly share your ones.

 4- Show your Muscles:

Every girl needs superman and the same for the client who needs to see your experience, successful case studies, and how you are the expert of your industry!

 5- Don’t Waive (in Dates, Cost, and Rules):

There is a rule known in relationships; the people who waive the first time will waive every time. Don’t be one of them at all.
If the project will take two weeks, don’t make them ten days, if the video will cost 5K, don’t make them 3K.
Be professional to treat with the best clients.

 6- Details, Details, and Details:

On the first date, the partners focus on each other, the colors, clothes, accessories, and the way of communication.
With the same passion, you need to check the company’s details, features of every product, and the unique selling points of services.

7- Be Honest:

The shortest road to possess your partner without putting in extra effort, only be honest.
Tell the truth, don’t overrate what you have & what you can present for the partner.
The same road will take you to sign the contract with the client and build a new success story.

– Remember that,

The first date isn’t a marriage contract.

Take your time to check all the details, review your plans and time before signing the contract.
Write in a comment, your own secrets for the first date.