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ClientMagazineDateApril, 2020AuthorAmy Walker


3 Reasons & 3 Tips to Run Campaigns on Eid Vacation.

Every marketer has his plans for eid vacation.
Some of them take a break from everything: meetings, KPIs, edits, and even thinking.
But others know the importance of every holiday to win the race with less competition.
Today, we are here to share with you why you need to get ready for eid vacation with an ad strategy & a suitable budget.
1- Within holidays, there are larger traffic volumes, consumers tend to have more free time, which translates to higher traffic volumes than business days.
2- It’s common for marketers to pause their campaigns on holidays. This results in less competition, which means that your campaigns can grab the best audience at a lower price.
3- You’ll get higher engagement Because consumers have nothing better to do.
These people are more willing to interact with an ad and see where it takes them, especially for highly visual verticals.”

3 Tips for an effective eid campaign:

1- Prepare yourself with easy access to FAQs, customer support chatbots, and testing your emails and website.
2- To save time & effort; take a step back and walk through the customer journey and ensure that everything works with no friction through promo codes/checkout.
3- The holiday season is known for deep discounts. Shoppers are conditioned to search for special offers and the lowest prices. Make them find that in your ad.
Share with us your industry & what are your plans for a successful holiday for your brand?